Ballard’s First Fridays

August 2, 2024
23 S. Main Street

My current plan is to open from:

Monday - Saturday (10-4)

Sunday (11-4)

However, If you catch me on a closed time, send a text or give me a call to inquire about a specific piece or open for you to see the gallery. My goal is to allow you to see all of these original works in hopes you find one to take home with you to enjoy for a lifetime!

Contact: 307-763-7681 ask for Kim

If you are interested, I would love to bring any artwork to your home and let you view it in person for a bit. I feel that you will or could appreciate the work so much more when viewing it in person. I feel these paintings need amazing people and the right space to admire them. The artists have put so much time and effort into “completing” them, I know they want you to love them as much as they do.